Why we use WordPress for our web design projects

We have been using WordPress as our preferred platform to develop our web design projects for nearly 20 years. WordPress web design comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes it can be confusing to our customers on what to expect. We summarise some key factors below that you should consider when thinking about using WordPress for your web design project.

What is WordPress

WordPress is a free open-source website content management system. It can be used to provide the core framework and functionality behind the scenes of your new website. WordPress allows you to edit your website images and text without any web programming knowledge. It has has huge database of millions of plugins making it very versatile for many businesses.

About WordPress

WordPress was released in 2003. It has grown in both popularity and features whilst its core functionality has remained the same. During the past 20 years, WordPress has been used for web design projects of all kinds. It’s so popular that 42% of the websites online today are powered by WordPress. As of 2023, there are an estimated 1.98 billion websites online and WordPress powers more than 835 million of them.

The powers of WordPress

So what is the secret to WordPress web design and why is WordPress web design so popular? Many systems have tried to take the crown from WordPress over the years. WordPress has 20 years worth of development, fine-tuning and third-party plugin support that many new systems can’t compete with. At its core WordPress is still very clean and easy to use, making it accessible to wide audiences. WordPress never bloated its core framework with unnecessary features, all the additional functionality is accessed via a simple to use plugin library.

Difference between .org and .com

WordPress was originally released to the world as an Open Source website content management system. This is the wordpress.org version we as professional developers use to design and build our web design projects. This version allows us to download the latest version of WordPress and host it on our cloud servers, allowing full control over the website development, support and maintenance.

WordPress.com is a similar tool, but should not be confused with the above open-source platform we use as professional web developers. This version of WordPress allows you to build your own website and you pay WordPress directly to host and support your website. This usually involves picking a template that you drop text and images into. This is a great option for new startups with no budget to spend on web design, however, as businesses grow they no longer have time or coding knowledge to manage their websites growing demands themselves and that’s where we come in.

Web Design Bristol

Atlas Web Design specialise in WordPress web design solutions from our Bristol offices. We offer web design services to customers all over the UK and deliver results you will be proud of. Contact Us if you would like to discuss a new website design for your business.

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