History of Bristol

The city of Bristol has a population of nearly half a million people and is located in the southwest of England. Home to Atlas Web Design for many years, Bristol is a vibrant and diverse city.

Some Bristol history facts

Bristol became a city in 1542 and developed Atlantic trade routes which helped it grow and flourish into the creative community that stands today. The iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge was built in 1831 and is recognised by many as a major landmark in one of the southwest’s most beautiful cities.

Bristol’s growing population and demands for trade and commuting as a major city led it to build Bristol Airport in 1930. The Airport has become a beacon for many commuters in the southwest, either looking for a nice holiday away or simply to take their creative business ideas around the world.

Bristol the home of Atlas Web Design

Spike Island where Atlas Web Design Bristol is based was founded in the mid 1970’s and offered affordable studio spaces for artists in Bristol. Even today art is at the heart of Spike Island with regular art exhibitions hosted every year. Spike Island offers office and meeting space for small businesses and its wide range of business services on offer is why we chose it as our home.

Atlas Web Design are proud to be a part of the amazing creative talent available all over the city and our creative artist side can shine through the amazing websites we design for our amazing clients.

Looking for a new website?

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